evo Yoga Dance Party Instructor


On NYE 2000, Tim Martin was in upstate NY house-sitting alone during the massive ‘Blizzard of 2000’, when he had an experience that rocked his world: After a mellow Yoga session, he put Miles Davis fusion jazz on, and a wild polyrhythmic dance party spontaneously erupted, causing Tim to achieve a state of high vibration ecstasy like he had never experienced before.

The realization that one could achieve ecstasy through movement and dance compelled Tim to want to share this experience with the world. Little did he know that at around the same time, a burgeoning ecstatic dance movement was simultaneously birthing in Hawaii and California.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Tim realized that ecstatic dance was not only a ‘happening thing’, but a practice with widespread roots in the Ancient world. At the same time, Tim really became serious about Yoga as a practice and became an ardent student of Julian Walker’s flow vinyasa classes that often transitioned into spontaneous dance.

In 2006, Tim launched the critically acclaimed, ground-breaking iZO Cleanse. Highly regarded to this day as the original and one of the most nutritionally comprehensive juice cleanses on the market, the iZO Cleanse featured an array of superfood-infused juices and specially formulated herbal teas and elixirs targeting specific organs. Inspired by his own quest for optimal health, Tim led thousands of people on juice feast superfood cleanses, and iZO was a favorite among celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Deschanel, Patricia Heaton, Tony Shalhoub, and among many others.
In 2017, Tim got his 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification through Julian Walker and Hala Khouri’s ‘Awakened Heart, Enlightened Mind’ Yoga teacher training program, and slowly but surely started putting together the evo Yoga Dance Party using Julian’s flow vinyasa sequence as the foundation of evo Yoga Dance Party.

After beta testing the evo Yoga Dance Party on Zoom in early 2023 from his studio in LA, Tim packed up his bags and became a statistic in the news story of Californians fleeing to Florida! He set up shop in South Florida to be near his parents who are entering their twilight years (they’re both healthy, thank goodness!), AND to be able to do Yoga on the beach all year long!