Human Design | BG5

Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Are you frustrated and disappointed with your relationships?

Are you suffering from a lack of fulfillment in life?

Are you struggling to make the right choices?



  • Astrology (Eastern & Western)
  • Hindu Chakra System
  • Kabbalah Tree of Life
  • I’Ching Book of Changes


  • Neutrinos
  • Genetics
  • Physics

Human Design integrates ancient wisdom with modern science to create a genetic blueprint of the nature of your being and how you ideally function in the world. BG5 applies this understanding to the business world.


  • Understanding of your strengths
  • Understanding of your ideal decision-making strategy
  • Engagement of your talents
  • Clarity and focus for direction
  • Inspiration, passion, and purpose
  • Success with ease and grace


Career Design Success Code Map Intro


In this 30-min intro session, we’ll go over your Career Design Success Code Map, a user’s manual that outlines the 16 success codes for how you’re naturally designed to make decisions and engage with the business world. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation.


Career Design Overview


In this 90-minute session, we’ll cover the first 6 success codes of your Career Design: your Career Type, Personal Interaction, Decision Making Strategy, providing a day-to-day tool kit to direct you to your individual work and life paths; along with your Key Indicators, Assimilation, and the best work Environment for you, providing you with a roadmap to help you further understand how you function once on that path. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation.


Full Career Design Analysis


Over three 90-minute sessions, we’ll cover all 16 Success Codes, and provide you with the tools to understand your unique Career Design, and fully utilize the specific gifts, talents, and attributes you’re uniquely here to share with the world. Learn where and how you are best designed to be successful. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation. Your Career Design Overview counts as the first of these three 90-minute sessions.


Partnership Analysis (Biz and Personal)


Over three 90-minute sessions, we’ll explore the conditioning elements at play in your relationship/partnership so you can begin to understand how the mechanics are affecting your relationship. We’ll take a look at the overall themes present in each of you individually and in the relationship, as well as the potential challenges and places of ease. This no-blame analysis sheds light on the relationships in your life, giving you the tools for improved communication and mutual understanding. Any relationship/partnership qualifies: spouse/partner, lover, family member, co-worker or friend. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation.


Alpha One Leadership Analysis


Over three 90-minute sessions, we’ll dive deep into how to apply your leadership qualities within your business, detailing where and how to focus your talent, your time, and energy. You’ll also be shown where you lack certain abilities and how to compensate by building the right kind of support and stage you’ll need to transform your business and career. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation.


Unified Group Analysis


Over the course of four 90-minute sessions, we’ll dive deep into the characteristics, dynamics, potentials, and problems of your team, offering practice and effective recommendations to improve functionality of your team and ultimately transform your bottom line. We’ll go deep into each member of your team, revealing not only the strengths of your team, but also possible causes for non-productivity and unsatisfied team members. You’ll be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation.



I first heard about Human Design back in 2007 and thought it all sounded too good to be true. I mean, how could one system possibly integrate astrology, Kabbalah, the I’Ching, and your genetic code?  Sounds bonkers, right?!  So I dismissed it as kooky!  

But then I kept seeing good friends who were very credible level-headed people swear by its legitamacy, so I decided to take a closer look and began experimenting with it in 2013. In 2016, I enrolled in a Human Design course when much to my dismay, four classes in I was alerted by the teacher’s assistant that the teacher was apparently teaching incorrect information and that they were not officially certified to teach by the International Human Design School. This totally repelled me and I sadly cast Human Design aside again. 

Fast forward to 2021 when I was kind of at the end of my rope with my own Self-limiting patterns and was desperate to figure out why certain things kept happening with me. I decided to have one more look at Human Design, but this time I enrolled in the official classes of the International Human Design School. What I discovered in my Human Design chart blew my mind and totally articulated why I was experiencing these negative patterns in a way that I had never heard described in any other modality. I was instantly hooked and went deep down the rabbit hole of getting officially certified as an analyst both in Human Design and BG5 (Human Design for business and career).

In 2023, I became an officially licensed BG5 Business Institute professional certified by the Jovian Archive/International Human Design School and have been having the most fulfilling experience helping people discover themselves and how they optimally work in the business world.  I’m excited to help you discover your Career Design so that you may experience all the success in business that you deserve with ease and grace! Call or email me and we’ll chat about how this amazing system can help you and your specific needs.  Cheers to Your Design! Tim 963-5332

PS  Don’t make the same mistake as me!  Please be aware that there are many individuals using the Human Design and BG5 systems that are not legally sanctioned by Jovian Archive, the BG5 Business Institute, or the International Human Design School, and are likely spreading false information in such critical key areas of your Self-knowledge. They are to be avoided at all costs for obvious reasons.